Alex Israel

Growing up in the backyard of the motor city, Alex Israel was fortunate enough to be within earshot of the thriving Detroit techno community, all the while keeping a close eye on the emerging talent pool of hip hop within the city's borders. He began producing beat tracks quietly for his friends, but took a lengthy sabbatical until 2004 when he moved to the city post-college and started producing and DJing on a regular basis. Inspired as much by recordings of Dilla and Dabrye as he is the Funk Brothers and Curtis Mayfield, Alex produces soulful house, techno and hip hop.
Appears On
Subtrak - Album Release
Alex Israel's first release on the imprint is Besheret. The title track is a melodic track...
Subtrak - Album Release
Alex Israel's latest release, The Sark, is a dark sleeper. Rhythmic snares and synchopated...